Seeing the Light | Orange County, CA Senior Photographer

Simply put- It’s hands down my most favorite session.  I’ve never been moved downloading photos like I was when I was downloaded these.  I actually got choked up! It was the first time where I allowed myself to be proud.  I saw myself beyond the girl who was afraid to call herself an actual photographer. It felt like a turning point.

My photography journey began less then a year ago.  And like a lot of people, I immersed myself into what everyone else is doing in their own journey.  There is SUCHHH amazing talent out there and it becomes hard to look past all of that and allow yourself time to just get there.  I wanted to be good- like yesterday.  I’m not saying I’ve completely moved passed this (or always see myself as “good”)  but I’m now allowing myself to relish my own journey. I’ve come a long way from where I started and I have a very long way to go. I know I’ll never stop learning, and I don’t want to!

Come the morning of the shoot, I couldn’t have been more thrilled knowing what I had to look forward to… until I looked out the window.  Sometimes sunny Southern California isn’t so sunny. In fact, on this day it was downright GREY and cloudy… by the time evening came along, it looked like bed time by 5pm- that’s how dark it was out! We had to move fast once we found our spot because the sun was really almost gone behind the clouds… it was at 6:36 (yes, I checked and that’s when the first click of my shutter was) and I knew I only had till about 7-715, tops before it was too late.

Thankfully, it wasn’t too late.  I got some photos that I know I will love and will mean so much to me no matter where I go in my photography journey. I will look back and not only see them as beautiful photographs of beautiful girls, but I’ll see the girl behind them who finally started to believe in herself.

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