Jillian + Josh 1 Year Anniversary | Southern California Portrait Photographer

I recently read this statement from another photographer and it resonated so strongly with me and I couldn’t have said it better. She said, “I secretly believe every “pro” photographer has them. The people who believed in you before you actually knew what you were doing. I’m not talking about your spouse or your family, or someone who loves you and knows you in real life. I’m talking about those strangers out there who somehow noticed your work when you were still mostly messing around. They believed in you before you even believed in you. And the thing that makes them more amazing—is that they continue to do so. They actually stick around–and they get behind every thing you do -always encouraging, always supportive. and even though you know you don’t always deserve it, you are so so grateful, because without the kind words, you may not have kept going.”

That is who Jillian is for me.  A year prior to this shoot- Almost exactly to the day- I did my first “official” photo shoot with Jillian and her family on the beach (the very same beach!).  She pretty much plucked me out of obscurity as I was only shooting for fun at the time and she happened to see some photos I was posting on Facebook… I loved photography, but I never could have imagined then what Photography has come to mean to me now.

Jillian, I will FOREVER be grateful to you for believing in me 🙂


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