2012 | My year in review & favorites!

2012 has been a magical year for me.  I dove into a dream that I never imagined I would or COULD and I become more passionate about it every.single.day.  I love Photography with all my soul and can’t wait to see where it takes me.  This has been my first full year at it and as I look back I see that I have grown a lot and I hope more than anything that I never stop learning and growing. I can’t wait to see what 2013 brings! I can’t thank everyone enough for all their love and support of my dream.  Thank you for putting your memories in my hands.  And without further ado- my 2012 year in review…

While there are SO many images that I adore and hold a special place in my heart…it is THIS one (below) that is my beyond favorite. It will probably be my favorite image for the rest of my life because it changed me.  It changed how I viewed myself as a photographer.  To read why and see the rest of the images from his session, you can go here.

My very first and only Pin-up shoot.. I REALLY hope I get to do more of these in future!!

And lastly, the below photo is ME! This photo was taken by one of my all time favorite photographers (and I follow a lot!!).  Her name is Kelly and she owns Wild{Whim} Design+Photography. I love her work SO much and one day it dawned on me- I should practice what I preach and get some photos done of myself.  I’m certainly not getting any younger and as a photographer you are seldom in front of the camera… SO I sesized the day and here is the result -I have yet to see the rest and I’m so excited-  Every girl needs to feel pretty once in a while and she gave that to me.  I hope throughout 2013 I can do that for YOU.

All my love. – Denise xo

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