2013 Year in Review | Whimsy Tree Photography

Happy New Year!  This is such a special time of year. It’s a time we can all start over again. Renewed with new dreams and hopes for the year. Fresh starts and promises to ourselves to be better and do better.  It’s also a time to look back on and reflect on where we’ve been.

As I was compiling this post from shoots throughout the year and my favorite images, I allowed myself to sit back and be proud. I see that I am finally starting to find my style and niche… and my voice in this crazy photography world.

As I close out my second year in business I can’t help but feel so, so incredibly blessed.  I can’t help but believe that photography found me, and not the other way around. It’s what I was meant to do.

I completed over 65 shoots this year, which wasn’t really easy considering I have a full time job, but more importantly – I am a single mom to an awesome 12 year old girl.

I met a lot of special people this year and want to take this time to thank every one you who chose me and trusted to capture your precious memories.  I’m so grateful and honored.

This year, I have some small goals. I would love to do more commercial shoots, I would love to be featured… but most of all, I just want to shoot what I love. The stuff that makes my heart sing.

Once again, thank you to my clients and all of you who have read this and show me love on my FB page. Each ‘like’ and comment make me smile!! 🙂

Cheers to an awesome 2014… and without further delay- my 2013 year in review!

With love, Denise Williams

PS- My very favorite image of the year is at the very bottom… do you know what it is? 🙂





My favorite image of the year- A styled shoot I did for The Measure.  What I love about this shot (among many things) is it’s exactly the image I intended to capture while concepting this shoot. I love when that happens 🙂


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